Survey Mapper

Survey Mapper is a web-based data collection tool that uses several Google Maps Application Programming Interface (APIs) to (1) facilitate data collection, entry, and storage of locations through the use of an interactive web-based map, (2) permit visual confirmation of each entry by displaying the corresponding street-view image for each location entered, and (3) automatically geocode each entry. This program has been used to collect data in several NIH-funded projects. Please see the following publication for more details:
Rudolph AE, Tobin K, Rudolph J, Latkin C. Web-Based Survey Application to Collect Contextually Relevant Geographic Data With Exposure Times: Application Development and Feasibility Testing. JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2018 Jan 19;4(1):e12. doi: 10.2196/publichealth.8581. PMID: 29351899; PMCID: PMC5797287.

Rudolph AE. Integrating a web-based survey application into Qualtrics to collect risk location data for HIV prevention research. AIDS care. 2022 Mar 4;34(3):397-403.

Survey Structure

The system is set up to have a (1) survey database (i.e., can store multiple surveys or projects), (2) a location question database, and (3) a follow-up question database. There is a nesting structure, whereby follow-up questions are assigned to specific questions and specific questions are assigned to surveys.

Location Questions

Questions are in the format of a string of text. By default, all survey questions include the search bar which provides a drop-down list of potential matches.

In the administrative settings the user can decide to display or hide the following for each survey:
(1) street view map at desired zoom level
(2) map view at desired zoom level

Follow-up Questions

Follow-up questions can have three response types (1) multiple choice, (2) one-line text box, or (3) multi-line text box.

Other Features

Valid Responses: Each survey can be set up to have a range of valid interviewer IDs and participant IDs.

Default Location: In the administrative view, you can select a default location to display with each question.

Zoom Settings: The default zoom-level to be displayed with the question can be set for each survey. This does not prevent the participant or interviewer from zooming in or out during survey administration, but sets the default to the level preferred by the survey administrator.

File Export: Data can be exported as a csv file.

Link to Qualtrics data via url with unique ID: This data collection instrument has previously been linked with Qualtrics surveys using a unique ID that facilitates data mergers.

To request more information on this software (i.e., obtaining a license) please contact